Functional Movement Screen


Get the jump on your competition with the functional movement screen. Learn your weak points, and attack them to become a stronger, faster, more powerful athlete.

Teams and organizations

Team screens are the best way to get tons of information about your players without spending lots of money. Performing as many as 6 screens at once, you can get your entire team checked for as little as $25 per player! Many teams can be done in under 2 hours, and you'll get much more than the FMS this way. If you offer some volunteers, we can move even faster.

Combining the FMS scores with range of motion tests, power testing (vertical jumps + sprint times), you'll have a comprehensive review of your athletes. You'll know their strengths, and more importantly, their weaknesses. For an additional fee, you'll get exercise recommendations for each athlete. We can also talk about a full-program design/ on-site training as well.

Dr. Reppert has worked with DeSales University baseball, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and countless individuals to help them achieve greater strength, durability, and power when combined with the coach's own methods. For one season, DSU had zero (yes, zero) overuse injuries (tommy john, rotator cuff, labrum tears).

Photo credits: Baseball glove by Francesco Gasparetti under CC BY 2.0 license.