Pain Relief

When you're in pain, you want quick relief. By combining adjustments, soft tissue modalities, and exercise, we use the most scientific, non-invasive options available. Learn more about functional pain relief at Reppert Chiropractic.


Functional Movement Screens detect compensations in movement, lack of flexibility, and stability issues that may decrease athletic performance. The FMS is also used to choose exercise progressions appropriate for each athlete. Learn more here.

Nutritional Support

Nutrition is the key to maintaining performance, staying healthy, and improving quality of life. If you have questions, we have answers! More information can be found here.

An individualized plan

Individualization is the key to success. Whether you need a personalized workout plan or treatment plan, using a template for everyone will never yield reasonable success. Therefore, each patient needs an assessment to determine the best approach for their current condition. The plan will be modified over time to work on the most urgent needs, and then can be tapered off as you meet your goals.


A combined approach

Just like a car, we are a complex machine made of many systems. Therefore, we need many tools to fix the various ailments that decrease our quality of life. By combining physical medicine modalities, such as adjustments, exercise, and soft tissue methods, with nutrition and pain counseling, Reppert Chiropractic has developed a comprehensive plan that will get you out of pain, help you regain your quality of life, and achieve fitness goals, should you choose to pursue them. The end goals are to keep you out of pain, and prevent problems before they start!

Next Steps...

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