Reppert Chiropractic is a chiropractor in Emmaus

Our Vision

Making the lehigh valley the healthiest and most athletically competitive region is a tough task, but with some help it can be done!

Using the latest research in pain relief, nutrition, and exercise, Reppert Chiropractic is a leader in this push toward a healthier tomorrow. Backed with the ability to refer to the best healthcare staff in the world, we can all work together to achieve this goal!

Our Story

15 years ago, I became interested in chiropractic for three main reasons:

  • It's a drug-free, non-invasive approach. This fits perfectly for those who want to avoid the opioid epidemic and failed back surgery syndrome.
  • I went to a chiropractor weekly during my college baseball career. It allowed me to dominate locally, gave me a chance to pitch in the college world series, and earned me a spot in the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League, "The gateway to the pros".
  • My father suffered three back surgeries and sometimes wasn't able to throw or workout with me. I don't want any of my friends to have to say, "no" to their children.

About the Doc: Coming soon!

Next Steps...

Schedule a free consultation today to get started. We'll talk about your case, your concerns, and your goals. When you're ready to go ahead with an examination and treatment (that's, of course, not free!), we can get you back to the life you deserve!