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Pain Relief

Fast, effective, scientific, pain relief. That's what you want, and that's what you'll get. The spine is my specialty, but I fix anything from hips to feet and shoulders to hands.  If you're looking for an evidence-based chiropractor in Emmaus, click here to get back to doing what you love! We use a functional approach; we need to make sure your joints and muscles are functioning properly before you are released from care. Pain relief is just the beginning!

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Functional Movement Screens

All athletes want to be faster, stronger, and healthier then their opponents. The best way to find your weaknesses, and make the fastest progress, is to schedule a functional movement screen (FMS). It takes just 15 minutes, and helps find weak points that we can fix to increase performance and improve your quality of life!

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Nutritional Support

Nutrition and exercise can combat many of the lifestyle diseases we face today. It's also crucial for athletes to recover. Therefore a proper nutrition plan, combined with pharmaceutical-grade supplements will go a long way toward that goal!

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We aim to make the Lehigh Valley the healthiest and most competitive athletic region in the nation, starting with you! From pain relief to sports performance, patients of all walks of life have experienced the benefit of combining chiropractic with exercise and nutrition. Whether you play soccer, stick to crossfit, or spend more time than you'd like stuck behind a desk, there's a plan for you!

Don't take my word for it! See what patients and athletes have to say! You'll quickly learn why Dr. Reppert is a top chiropractor in Emmaus.

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